Corinna Reibchen

Project Type


Client Request

Develop a visually appealing personal portfolio website using WordPress and Elementor Pro to showcase my work, skills, and achievements effectively.

Client Goal

To create a professional online platform that not only presents my portfolio in an engaging manner but also serves as a personal brand showcase, enabling me to attract potential clients and job opportunities within the portfolio industry.


In collaboration with our client in the portfolio industry, we embarked on a project to create an impressive personal portfolio website powered by WordPress and Elementor Pro. The primary objective was to establish a dynamic online presence that showcases the client’s skills, work, and accomplishments.


The website features a captivating display of the client’s portfolio projects, complete with high-quality visuals, project details, and testimonials from satisfied clients. An engaging about page provides a glimpse into the client’s background, expertise, and career journey.


Additionally, the website incorporates interactive contact forms and social media integration, enabling potential clients and employers to connect with the client effortlessly. The responsive design and intuitive navigation ensure an exceptional user experience across various devices.


In conclusion, this project perfectly matched the client’s request and goal. By utilizing WordPress and Elementor Pro, we delivered a personal portfolio website that not only effectively showcases the client’s work and skills but also serves as a powerful personal brand platform. This website serves as a valuable tool in enhancing the online presence and attracting potential clients and job opportunities within the portfolio industry.

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