Michelle Reeves – Relationship Consultant

Project Type


Client Request

Develop an interactive consultancy website using WordPress, Elementor Pro, and Woocommerce Subscription to offer a range of relationship consultancy services and subscription-based content.

Client Goal

To establish an engaging online presence that effectively communicates our relationship consultancy expertise, simplifies the subscription process for clients, and provides a valuable platform for relationship advice and resources.


“In partnership with our client in the relationship consultancy industry, we embarked on a project to create a dynamic website powered by WordPress, Elementor Pro, and Woocommerce Subscription. The primary objective was to provide an engaging and informative platform for individuals seeking relationship guidance and support.


The website offers a comprehensive catalog of consultancy services, including personalized coaching, counseling, and workshops. Additionally, it features a subscription-based content model, where clients can access exclusive relationship advice, resources, and webinars through Woocommerce Subscription.


The integration with Woocommerce Subscription ensures a seamless and secure subscription process for clients, allowing them to choose from various subscription plans and access premium content based on their preferences.


Furthermore, the website incorporates interactive forms for scheduling consultations, fostering client engagement and inquiries. Its responsive design and intuitive navigation enhance the user experience on various devices.


In conclusion, this project perfectly matched the client’s request and goal. By utilizing WordPress, Elementor Pro, and Woocommerce Subscription, we delivered a consultancy website that not only effectively showcases their relationship expertise but also simplifies the subscription process, providing valuable relationship advice and resources. This website serves as a valuable asset in enhancing the online presence and client engagement within the relationship consultancy industry”

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