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Project Type


Client Request

Develop a dynamic recruiting website using WordPress, Elementor Pro, ACF, and CPT to streamline job postings, candidate submissions, and employer interactions.

Client Goal

To create an efficient and user-friendly online platform that connects job seekers with employers, simplifies the recruitment process, and showcases our expertise in the recruiting industry.


“In response to our client’s needs in the competitive recruiting industry, we embarked on a project that aimed to transform their online presence. Leveraging the power of WordPress, Elementor Pro, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), and Custom Post Types (CPT), we engineered a comprehensive and dynamic recruiting website that serves as a pivotal tool in the talent acquisition landscape.


The website seamlessly integrates job posting functionalities, enabling our client to effortlessly showcase job opportunities from various sectors and industries. Job seekers benefit from a user-friendly interface, allowing them to search, filter, and apply for positions with ease. Our custom-built candidate submission forms, powered by ACF, ensure that applicants can submit their profiles and credentials efficiently, streamlining the recruitment process.


Moreover, our implementation of Custom Post Types (CPTs) enabled the categorization and organization of job listings, making it simple for both job seekers and employers to find relevant opportunities and talents. This structural innovation vastly improved the overall user experience.


For employers and recruiters, we focused on enhancing their interactions with the platform. Through ACF, we created customized profiles for companies, making it easy for employers to display their brand and culture, attracting top talent. We also implemented interactive features that allow employers to manage job listings, track applicant submissions, and engage with prospective candidates seamlessly.


Ultimately, our solution aligns perfectly with our client’s goal of providing a streamlined and professional recruiting experience. By harnessing the latest web technologies and WordPress’s flexibility, we’ve empowered our client to stand out in the recruiting industry, connecting job seekers with employers and contributing to their ongoing success in the field of talent acquisition.”

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